Blue Harvest



Blue Harvest, 2015, artist book, 21 x 33 x 29 in, drypoint on Arnhem 1618 paper, Japanese papers, Akua Intaglio ink, Akua Liquid Pigments, acrylic, sand, glass beads, mica, wood, and shells.

Statement about  Blue Harvest 

Images of horseshoe crabs have crept in and out of my artwork for many years.  How can one not fall in love with a creature that saves human lives? Their blood cells contain compounds that are used in the medical industry. After seeing photographs of hundreds of horseshoe crabs lined up donating their blood at a biomedical lab, I no longer saw them as just innocent sea creatures. This macabre scene has haunted me with images that make me see them now as victims.

Any image in mass quantities has a powerful effect on me. I am drawn to printmaking for that reason; the ability to make multiples. However, just like nature, each print I make is unique; a series of related images. My recent series, “Blue Harvest,” incorporates drypoint monoprints bound into sculptural books.  The works reflect the surreal impressions of the harvest of the horseshoe crab.

Susan Rostow

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